Best Places to Find Used Homeschool Curriculum

I get it. You’re a homeschool parent on a budget, trying to give your kids the best education possible. But those shiny new curriculum sets can cost an arm and a leg. That’s where used homeschool curriculum comes in – it’s a total game-changer.

Buying secondhand curriculum can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year. Plus, you’re giving perfectly good books a second life. It’s a win-win!

Curious about how you can score awesome discounts on used homeschool curriculum? Follow along as we uncover some great tips!

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Where to Find Used Homeschool Curriculum

When it comes to finding used homeschool curriculum, you’ve got options. Lots of them.

As a seasoned homeschooling mom, I’ve learned a thing or two about scoring great deals on gently used materials. Here are some of the best places to look:

Local Homeschool Groups

Want to save on your homeschool supplies? Local homeschool groups are the place to go. Parents frequently offer up their old textbooks and lesson plans for sale or exchange after they’ve finished using them.

Attending local homeschool curriculum sales or swaps is another opportunity to acquire secondhand resources. Keep an eye out for announcements in Facebook groups or through your local homeschool co-op.

Online Homeschool Communities

There are numerous online communities dedicated to homeschooling where parents buy, sell, and trade used curriculum. Facebook groups like “Homeschool Curriculum Buy/Sell/Trade” and “Used Homeschool Curriculum Classifieds” allow members to post listings of materials they have available.

Another couple of popular spots include and They make it simple to either hunt down a particular curriculum or casually look through various listings.

Thrift Stores and Used Bookstores

Thrift stores and used bookstores can be goldmines for budget-friendly homeschool curriculum. You might find textbooks, workbooks, teacher’s manuals, and other educational resources if you take the time to look. and are fantastic spots to find used books online, including homeschooling materials. You might stumble upon some real gems.

Curriculum Sales and Swaps

Many homeschool organizations and co-ops host annual curriculum sales where families can buy and sell used materials. These events often occur in the spring or summer as the school year wraps up.

Some popular curriculum sales include the FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention, CHEA of California’s Annual Curriculum Sale, and the Midwest Homeschool Convention’s Used Curriculum Sale. Mark your calendar and bring cash – these sales can get competitive.

Tips for Saving Money on Used Homeschool Curriculum

Okay, so you know where to look for used homeschool curriculum. But how can you make sure you’re getting the best deals possible? Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years:

Buy in Bulk or Bundles

When shopping for used curriculum, look for opportunities to buy in bulk or purchase bundled sets. Sellers often offer discounts when multiple items are bought together.

This is especially helpful if you have several children who will be using the same curriculum in the future. Buying complete grade level packages can provide significant savings.

Look for Free Shipping Deals

With online purchases, shipping costs can quickly add up. Many websites offer free shipping promotions or have minimum order thresholds for free shipping.

Amazon offers free shipping on book orders over $25, which is great for cutting costs when you’re buying used curriculum online.

Join Rewards Programs

Many online booksellers and homeschool retailers have rewards programs that let you earn points or credits with every purchase. You can then use these points to get discounts on your next orders.

ThriftBooks has a ReadingRewards program where you earn a $5 coupon for every $50 spent. Joining these loyalty programs can really help you save money in the long run.

Attend Curriculum Sales Events

As mentioned earlier, attending curriculum sales events hosted by homeschool organizations is a smart way to save on used materials. These sales often feature a wide variety of resources at greatly reduced prices.

Some gatherings allow homeschoolers to bring and sell their unneeded curriculum directly from individual tables. It’s a great way to earn back some money while passing on useful resources—everybody wins.

Popular Used Homeschool Curriculum Options

With so many homeschool curriculum choices out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are some of the most popular options that hold their value well in the used market:


Abeka is a popular choice for Christian homeschool families, offering materials from kindergarten through high school. Their program includes everything you need—textbooks, workbooks, teacher’s manuals, and lesson plans.

Because the Abeka curriculum holds up so well over time, it’s very popular among those buying and selling used homeschool resources. It’s common to find these secondhand materials for as much as half or even seventy percent less than retail cost.

Bob Jones

If you’re looking for a rigorous Christian homeschool curriculum, Bob Jones University Press has you covered from elementary all the way to high school. They combine strong academic content with a biblical perspective in their materials.

If you’re homeschooling, you might be looking for ways to save money. Many families turn to used Bob Jones curriculum, with plenty of second-hand teacher’s guides and student books available out there.

Alpha Omega LIFEPAC

Alpha Omega Publications offers the LIFEPAC curriculum, which is a mastery-based, self-paced program for grades K-12. The curriculum is divided into individual worktext units that cover Bible, history, geography, language arts, math, and science.

Families on a tight budget might consider buying used LIFEPAC materials, which are available both as complete grade level sets and single subject units. It’s an affordable way to get quality educational resources.

Apologia Science

Known in homeschooling circles as reliable and comprehensive, Apologia Educational Ministries offers a robust science curriculum grounded in creationism. Their programs are designed for learners ranging from young kids in elementary school to teens preparing for college-level work.

You’ll find that Apologia’s textbooks and lab kits fly off the shelves in the used curriculum world. Snagging these materials pre-owned means big savings for families with multiple children who need them.

Memoria Press

If you’re homeschooling with a focus on classical Christian education, Memoria Press has you covered. They provide courses in Latin, logic, and classical studies as well as all your essential subject needs.

If you’re looking for a rigorous academic program with a focus on great books, Memoria Press has you covered. Used versions of their curriculum are frequently sold both online and through local homeschool groups.

What to Look for When Buying Used Homeschool Curriculum

You’ve found some great deals on used homeschool curriculum – awesome. But before you hit that “buy” button, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Check for Missing Pages or Damage

When purchasing used curriculum, carefully examine the materials for any missing pages, torn covers, or excessive wear and tear. While some minor damage is expected with pre-owned books, make sure the curriculum is complete and in usable condition.

If buying online, ask the seller for detailed photos or descriptions of the item’s condition. You don’t want any surprises when your box of books arrives.

Ensure Teacher’s Manuals and Answer Keys are Included

Teacher’s manuals and answer keys are must-haves for most homeschool programs. When you’re looking to buy used materials, make sure these items come with the purchase.

Some sellers might add extra charges for teacher’s editions or offer them separately. Getting your hands on the answer keys and teaching guides is essential to making the most out of any curriculum.

Verify Edition and ISBN

Curriculum publishers often release updated editions of their materials over time. When buying used, make sure to check the edition and ISBN to ensure it matches your needs.

Older editions may have different content, page numbers, or lesson plans. Verifying the ISBN will help you get the correct version of the curriculum you are seeking.

Consider Resale Potential

If you plan to resell the curriculum after use, consider the potential resale value when making a purchase. Some curricula hold their value better than others in the used market.

Programs like Abeka, Sonlight, and Saxon Math are well-known for their high resale value. By choosing these materials, you can get back some of your initial investment when you’re done with them.

Key Takeaway:

To find used homeschool curriculum, check local groups, online communities like Facebook and, thrift stores, and curriculum sales. Always verify condition and completeness before buying to ensure you get the best deals.


Used homeschool curriculum is a smart choice for savvy homeschool families. You can save big bucks without sacrificing quality.

Buying pre-owned items doesn’t equate to lowering your standards. A little patience combined with smart shopping skills will lead you to amazing deals for just what you’re looking for.

Think a tight budget means your kids can’t have an amazing homeschool experience? Think again! Using second-hand curriculum can make all the difference and help your homeschooling flourish.