The Best Christian Homeschool Curriculums With Add-On Materials 

The Christian approach in homeschooling is becoming quite familiar across many families all over the world. Parents who are new to homeschooling may feel as if they’re about to head into a sea of storms, and they turn to this kind of homeschool curriculum. That’s a natural feeling, and there’s no need to be shy about it.

There are positive benefits associated with Christian-based homeschool curriculums, which makes them highly valuable to parents who already experienced the results. The great news is that you can choose from a selected number of these programs. Your only goal right now is to pick the best one.

We collected five of the most-recommended and highly-rated Christian Homeschool Curriculums. Additionally, we have listed a few useful materials that you can use as a part of your kids’ homeschool learning process. Let your quest begin.

The Five Best Christian Homeschool Curriculums


The resources that you can get from Abeka are useful for both school classrooms and home activity rooms. They have a biblically-based curriculum with an overall learning outline aiming to give a standard education for kids from Preschool to Grade-12.

Abeka supports your homeschool journey. They’re ready to guide you in providing formal education to your kids. The traditional approach of Abeka is time-tested and proven practical. Textbook materials and other resources are written and compiled by researchers and educators. You will have the right tools to give you confidence in homeschooling.

The parent-led philosophy of Abeka focuses on you building your kid’s character according to the teachings of the Bible. Most of all, they encourage learning biblical values to strengthen the approach for the good of all children who are receiving an education from home.

Simply Charlotte Mason

Methods and principles that are being uplifted by Simply Charlotte Mason promote three main things: the Christian worldview, independence on tasks and assignments, and Family Together engagements. They want to advocate the essence of faith when it comes to parenting and educating our children.

Even though the curriculum seems radical, parents and kids can honestly work at their convenience. To truly embrace the knowledge from the daily lessons, you can keep it simple and follow the curriculum. However, you are also free to customize your personalized lesson plans. If you prefer, you can even plan it with your kids.

From school subjects to biblical teachings, you can mix and match some of the lesson plans. Whatever works best for you, SCM offers full support to your kids’ endeavors in learning and acquiring education.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Easy Peasy provides free resources for a full homeschool curriculum from Preschool to 12th Grade. They also have a sister website, the All-in-One High School for high school courses. EP covers the core subjects that are integrated appropriately on each level. You will only need to provide additional school supplies so that kids can accomplish the activities and exercises in every lesson. The rest of the learning materials are at your disposal. All of them are online with a guided method to access and track lessons.

The entire curriculum is also flowing with Bible-based teachings and lessons inserted in between the foundational subjects. The incorporation of biblical teachings is a firm conviction from the author and founder, who is also leading a Christian life.

Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS)

The homeschool curriculum of Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) is an offline, computer-based learning course that covers comprehensive learning courses from grades 3 to 12. You have options to buy different versions either in USB or CD devices. 

SOS created a homeschool curriculum that will give proper education on Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. And of course, they cover Bible learning for all levels. There are different kinds of innovative resources, such as video clips, animations, AVPs, and other multimedia files. This far-reaching student-learning process has features like automatic grading, daily work report, and up-to-date revised content makes SOS one of the best Christian homeschool curriculums. Your kids can even pick elective subjects for added knowledge outside the four core subjects.


Sonlight has a literature-rich curriculum which they pioneered since 1990. They have an extensive line of products that provide top-quality education for homeschooling families.

The flagship product of Sonlight includes History, Bible, and Literature (HBL) programs with an instructor’s guide. Within the 36 weeks, you and your kids can cover lesson plans with reading assignments, notes, questions, and activities. 

They also have All-Subjects Packages, including Language Arts, Math, Science, and HBL programs incorporated as well. For knowledge enrichment, electives are offered, such as Art, Music, Computer Programming, and Foreign Language skills.

Materials for Christian Homeschool Curriculums

The following are five canny and advantageous materials that you can include in your kids’ Christian Homeschool Curriculum. More of these products are also available to grab online.

1. Abeka’s Mini ABC Bible Memory Cards

The Mini ABC Bible Memory Cards has a cross-curriculum training feature where kids can learn to memorize the English Alphabet and short Bible verses in every card. The memory cards come in perfect kiddie sizes. You can organize them according to how you, the parent-teacher, wants it. Or if you want your kids to jump into the organizing task, it could be part of the lesson, too!

At the end of the teaching lesson, kids can keep a card that you discussed for the day. They can hang it on their bedroom wall for a weekly reminder of the Bible verse. It could also count as a progress tracker of how much they’ve memorized already. The ideas that come with this homeschool activity seems to be endless. The cards are fantastic for learning with a fun side to it.

✔️ Memory enhancing activity
✔️ Bible verse learning
✔️ Performance tracker
✔️ Card collection
✔️ Cross-curriculum training

❌ Paper material is fragile and needs extra care

2. Apologia Science Exploring Creation With Astronomy

Have your kids been asking countless questions about God’s Creation, Space, and beyond? Apologia Science published Exploring Creation With Astronomy book for Outer Space enthusiasts just like your little ones.

This book covers the major structures of our solar system, including the Sun and the nine planets. As your kids advance, they will also learn about the Earth’s moon, the asteroid belt, and the Kuiper belt. Moreover, they will go beyond our solar system and study the stars and galaxies that make up the whole universe. If your kids are aspiring to be astronauts as well, this book is an excellent introduction to them.

There are activities and projects included to stimulate learning excitingly. They will learn how to use radar to reveal a hidden landscape, making a telescope and an astrometer to measure the brightness of a star. Know more by exploring the book!

✔️ God’s incredible creation
✔️ Major Solar System structures
✔️ Astronaut and Space travel facts
✔️ Stimulating activities and projects

❌ The package is non-inclusive of project materials

3. My Father’s World First Grade a Complete Bible-based Curriculum

First graders are going to love the Bible-based approach in learning. There is a timeline that will help kids understand the stories consecutively. 

The integration of fundamental lessons such as Science, Math, Social Studies, Art, and Language Arts will cover up a whole year of learning. A combination of worksheets reinforces an active learning involvement. Art promotion includes drawing activities that are going to be fun for boys and girls.

The First Grade Complete Bible-based Curriculum by My Father’s World can be a useful material for your kids’ homeschooling. Check it out!

✔️ Easy to teach lesson plans
✔️ Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Art lessons
✔️ A Phonics-based reading program focused on the Bible

❌ Student Sheets and the Phonics workbook are no longer available for purchase

4. Easy Peasy’s Giant Leap: Genesis Curriculum

The latest in EP’s Steps series is the Giant Leap: Genesis Curriculum that is already accessible for you to learn with your kids. There are 356 pages of the lively learning experience with another one of Lee Giles’ incredible resources for Easy Peasy Homeschooling.

The Genesis curriculum is a beginner’s course for reading, writing, counting, and more. This third volume is the last and final step of the series. Younger kids can start with the first two parts of the series, while older kids can move on to Easy Peasy’s Learn to Read course. If your kids are within the correct age range, go ahead and take a giant leap on this book.

✔️ 180 days of activities
✔️ Two activities per daily lesson
✔️ Basic Math, Handwriting, and Phonics
✔️ For kids ages 5 to 6 years old

❌ Not applicable for kids older than seven years old

5. Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

The Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science is not a part of any homeschool curriculum that can be present on the internet, but you can make it a part of yours. Open your home to the Christian-based learning that contains this devotional book. Your kids will see the indescribable wonders of God, His creation, and how science plays a relevant part of it all.

The devotions are written beautifully for a spiritual stimulation for you and your whole family. It’s a wonderful book for the entire team because it teaches a valuable lesson in spending quality time with the family while devoting your attention to God and His awesome universe.

✔️ An in-depth study on God’s Creation
✔️ Hands-on activities for kids
✔️ Fascinating facts on all living things
✔️ Creative and narrative illustrations

❌ Ease up on the bindings to prevent the pages from falling off

Picking The Best Homeschool Curriculum and Useful Materials

Homeschooling is not an easy task. It’s a heavy responsibility. When you are both a parent and a teacher, it can get messy and challenging most times. You worry too much if you’re doing the right thing, or more specifically if you’re teaching the right thing. It is imperative to find the best educational approach and materials for your kids’ future. And also, you certainly don’t have to do this alone. Find a community that will lighten the load. It sure helps to know that other parents feel the same way you do— lost and confused. Once you start on the right track, it will get easier.

We hope you can find your homeschooling solutions from the resources we laid down for you. Christian homeschoolers are always ready to share practical tips to have a more enjoyable homeschooling experience.