The Abeka Academy Homeschool: A Curriculum Review 

Homeschooling requires a lot of work. Parents are expected to go through the curriculum and the materials to be used during the lessons beforehand. Kids also need proper motivation to continue with the program without being distracted by the comfort at home. Both ends need to meet and reach the same goal.

To help you achieve that goal, what you need is a comprehensive curriculum that can cover your kids’ primary and secondary education. Let’s take a look at the Abeka Academy Homeschool Curriculum and see if it’s something that will work with your family.

About Abeka

The Abeka Academy Homeschool started from a single Christian-based textbook that Dr. Arlin Horton and his wife, Beka, created to become available for everybody. They wanted to prevent the extinction of books and materials based on biblical educational philosophy. Back then, they provided this textbook to the students in their Christian school in Pensacola, Florida.

Their hope and vision to reach every home and provide a quality education that every child deserves grew over time. Catching up with technology, their digital textbooks, art, teaching aids, and assessments became accessible in the digital world. These materials are inline with their Christian-based curriculum, which they want to share with homeschooling families.

Providing accessible materials for children who are studying from home, their mission to equip parent-teachers, and their kids with biblical values are being carried out.

Why Choose The Abeka Academy Homeschool Curriculum

Allow us to present all the positive points in the Abeka Curriculum.

  • Experienced developers of textbooks and other resources

Abeka has a wide array of resources that completes its structured curriculum. Qualified teachers develop all their books and online materials from extensive researches and studies.

  • Affordable and practical investment for education

The materials that support this curriculum will cost you a certain amount from your pocket, but your kids’ schooling will remain priceless. It’s a small sacrifice for the values and skills they learn from the Abeka Academy.

Your investment for our kids’ traditional or video homeschooling will remain affordable with the Abeka Academy Homeschool Curriculum.

  • Bible-based content and teachings

Whether you’re a believer in the Christian faith or not, the Abeka curriculum is still firmly founded with bible teachings. They also encourage their learners to pick up several lessons from their bible-based content. 

  • Proven and tested through time

All the methods and materials that the Academy promotes to their homeschool learners are proven and tested through time. Every book and lesson plan that is proposed to be a part of the curriculum undergoes in-depth studying before it’s printed out for the general public. They follow a 7-step research and development process to consider the material suitable for homeschooling families who are subscribing to their resources.

Lesson Plans: Pre-K to Grade 12

Courses from K4 to 12th Grade are all-encompassing and aim to cover all the core subjects along with electives that complete an enriched education every school year.

Your little kids will learn all the basics in reading, writing, and counting until they reach the complex lessons that you’re going to cover in the later years. You can customize your kids’ learning courses according to their own pace. You can also advance them as they quickly progress from one level to another — no need to fret about the process because you will have you guide all the way. Even parent-teachers need a close watch, too!

All the materials you need for all the courses are available. You need only to plan your kids’ lessons. Your greatest advantage in homeschooling, aside from having the comfort of your home, is your freedom to choose the topics you want to discuss with your kids each day for the whole year. 

Abeka Academy Homeschool Materials

These are only five of the many materials that the Abeka Academy uses for the entire curriculum. Feel free to check out their main website to browse through all their homeschool resources.

Basic Phonics Readers

Say the sounds, say the blends, and read the words.

The step by step learning method of Abeka’s Basic Phonics Readers can build up a child’s confidence, not only in reading but as well as the love for learning in general. Parents and learners are going to enjoy exploring and going through every stage of basic phonics before reaching the final reading phase.

Little ones are picky when it comes to their attention. It takes a great effort to keep them from looking into a new stimulant. The colorful pictures keep them entertained and more interested in learning using this book guide. Before moving up to the next level, they will have fun exploring their skills in pronouncing and reading. 

What to Like
👌 Step by step learning
👌 Informative and instructional
👌 Colorful and stimulating
👌 Encourages a child’s enthusiasm for reading
👌 For kindergartens moving up to level 1

Minor Drawbacks
👎 Not suitable for older kids

Handbook for Reading 4th Edition

Your kids can master their reading skills with the help of Abeka’s 4th Edition of Handbook for Reading. Their process of learning is made easy with the incorporated phonics-based language arts materials into the reading exercises. Ample practice is just what it takes to provide the education that your kids need in becoming a skillful reader.

A higher age range of kids can benefit from this homeschool material, which makes it a practical tool for a large family. Even so, it’s still an excellent handbook that can be handed down to younger cousins, or even to family friends who are also homeschooling their kids.

What to Like
👌 wide range of Phonics-based language arts materials
👌 Refines thinking skills and increases reading comprehension
👌 Initial phonics teaching to the mastery of reading
👌 Can be used from kindergarten to third-grade levels
👌 The latest edition of homeschool reading material

Minor Drawbacks
👎 Fewer illustrations on the exercises

Homeschool Arithmetic 1 Curriculum Lesson Plans

At a young age, kids can develop critical thinking skills and essential mental skills for advanced learning. Being the parent-teacher, you can challenge your teaching skills with the different combinations of math exercises using the Homeschool Arithmetic 1 Lesson Plans.

Let the young generation establish their arithmetic learning in a rich foundation with this curriculum. Teaching your kids in a homey environment may be a challenge, but given the right materials, it might just turn out to be a fun and fruitful experience. Don’t let them miss this core subject in your homeschool lessons.

What to Like
👌 Various teaching concepts in the Arithmetic subject
👌 Suggested methods are easy to apply
👌 Follows the Abeka standards in homeschooling
👌 Organized strategies to achieve an arithmetic success
👌 For kids in the Level 1 stage in homeschooling

Minor Drawbacks
👎 Does not include work pages for math exercises

Choosing Good Health 6

This book is another informative material that you can use to be a part of your kids’ homeschool curriculum. The goal of the lessons in this book is to let kids learn how to understand their bodies and be knowledgeable on the best ways to take good care of their health. There are incorporated concepts in this material that are not limited to a person’s physical health, but it promotes spiritual health as well.

It’s best to start early in teaching our kids about the importance of having a sound body to function well in our daily routines. Our strength, after all, is the source of all our accomplishments. Kids start from school and stretch out their learning experience to various extracurricular activities.

What to Like
👌 Basic health and safety tips
👌 Proper fitness and lifestyle maintenance
👌 Applicable concepts for physical and spiritual needs
👌 The lessons are suitable for all growing kids
👌 A great material to be reviewed in the later years

Minor Drawbacks
👎 Younger kids need extra attention in introducing the complicated concepts

Art B

Use this material to encourage your kids to develop an appreciation for art and their creativity. You will find easy-to-follow instructions that will also guide you on how to properly show our kids how to apply the techniques in drawing, painting, shading, sketching, and so much more. Even if you’re not an artsy parent-teacher, you will be equipped to give out the directions. You can also take this opportunity for a learning experience that you can explore with your kids or the whole family.

As you create your very own masterpieces, other art accomplishments are featured in this material to serve as an inspiration for its learners.

What to like
👌 Fosters an appreciation for art
👌 Stimulates creativity and participation
👌 Contains 37 explorative art projects for the whole school year
👌 Teaches skills and techniques in creating their art
👌 An introductory workbook for kids within levels 1 to 3

Minor Drawbacks
👎 The package is non-inclusive of other art materials needed for the activities

The Abeka Academy Homeschool Curriculum In A Nutshell

Even though it’s true that homeschooling takes a lot of effort, getting the right kind of help will also lighten the load. Parents and kids can work together to get through the entailed challenges in this educational approach. The Abeka Curriculum shares the burden of homeschooling families and aims to offer any assistance that will make the experience fruitful and enjoyable at best.

If you are still trying to weigh the option of homeschooling your kids, Abeka curriculum is highly recommended to prepare your kids in their earliest stages of education. The inclusive materials in this curriculum can provide the knowledge that your kids need before proceeding to the higher education level. Despite the challenges in this kind of approach, the brighter side is that you still have the resources to access comprehensive courses from preschool to 12th grade.

The curriculum may or may not be appealing to everybody, but it certainly possesses the right standards that have already contributed to a lot of homeschooling families.