Introduction to Easy Peasy Homeschool: Review for Beginners

Many parents turn to Easy Peasy Homeschool for reliable educational materials that can be helpful for their kids’ homeschooling. It is a complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum authored by Lee Giles, who is also a home-educating mother of six children.

The educational approach of Easy Peasy Homeschool is somewhat similar to the Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum. After all, the creator of Easy Peasy is a Christian, and Charlotte Mason has a strong Christian foundation.

The Christian aspect is an important detail in this review because of the significant impact it brought to the formation of Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. Let’s find out!

Easy Peasy Homeschool— How It Started

The author initially created the site for the benefit of her children. She started to compile their assignments online so that her younger kids can use them as a reference when they reach those levels. Soon enough, as her compilation grew, she also considered selling Lapbooks to earn money out of it. However, because of the conviction of her faith, she decided to share it generously with other parents and kids. Her grand plan is to extend a helping hand, especially to families who are struggling to afford quality education.

You might be wondering how Lee Giles can maintain this curriculum resource without fees; thus, no profits. On her website, you will find a link where visitors and people who have benefited from the learning materials can give donations to further her cause.

The Easy Peasy materials are always available on the All-in-One Homeschool website, and free for every family who wants to use it.

Everything There Is To Know About Easy Peasy

In this section, we will continue to find out the different points that highlight the Easy Peasy free curriculum.


The learning approach of Easy Peasy is eclectic, while it’s also paired with the Charlotte Mason system, as we mentioned above. It has a diverse resource of Lapbooks and links on various online resources to widen the knowledge and experience of your kids even when learning from home.


The Easy Peasy website has a compilation of standardized books, picture studies, workbooks, activity sheets, online courses, and extras such as games and videos. These resources are all accessible online with corresponding links. Some of which can also be printed out for offline activities.


You will need to provide a few necessary materials for your kids’ proactive learning. Given that they’re free online, you’ll need a computer and an internet connection. For tangible materials, you will need the usual paper, pencil, eraser, crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors, ruler, etc. Some worksheets are printables as well, so you might consider having your home printer if you deem it more practical than having these printed in stores.


Giles has forged a learning curriculum that is extraordinary but encompasses the fundamental education that will equip growing kids. Each lesson or activity has a shared link that you can access as your kids advance to the next level of progress on every stage. Instructions are also included to guide parents along the way. Or, you can decide which exercise is appropriate for them for the day. No limitations!

  • Levels 1 and 2

The materials on these levels have daily lesson plans for Math, Reading, and Language Arts. The lessons and activities match the kids’ abilities from preschool to kindergarten levels.

Around the transitions on these stages, the author also focuses on Phonics as a tool for reading exercises. This tool aims to help kids learn how to read words that they find difficult to recognize.

  • Grade Level Programs

Kids will move onto the next level of more difficult lessons on Math, Reading, and Language Arts. The lessons cover a complete program until the 12th grade.  Every activity per level is appropriate for their age and capabilities.

The most recent updates on Grade Level programs are Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Composition. They also have separate courses for in-depth understanding and learning.

  • Family Programs

Giles calls it the “Programs of Study” in the curriculum, which tackles History, Science, and Bible Study. Electives are also included, such as Music, Art, Computer, and Critical Thinking. It promotes family learning for everyone to share knowledge. These topics incorporate with the Grade Level programs for a broader scope of education.

Reviews on Five Easy Peasy Homeschool Materials for Beginners

To give you an overview of Easy Peasy Homeschool materials, we rounded up short reviews on the five first learning steps for beginners. We are hoping that this can serve as a head start for your kids’ experience in homeschooling with Easy Peasy.

These materials are ready for use on the All-in-One Homeschool website. Printed workbooks are also available in the market.

1. Getting Ready 1 Girls Printables Workbook

Get your kids ready with this comprehensive workbook for the general preschool level curriculum. The Getting Ready 1 Girls Printables Workbook is certainly not for girls only! Boys and girls who are ready to learn primary education can jump in and start completing general tasks for preschoolers.

The activities included in this workbook can be paired with videos to keep your kids’ attention in their tasks. Young kids tend to get distracted by other stuff around them, which requires parents to be more creative in enticing them. Videos are available online for future reference. You can start exploring with your kids now!

👍 180 daily activity worksheets
👍 Daily progress chart to track accomplishments
👍 Informative and instructional for parents and kids
👍 Great pictures for coloring activities
👍 For kids around four years of age

👎 Not recommended for kids older than six years old

2. Getting Ready 2 Handwriting

Getting Ready 2 Handwriting will let kids focus on their continuation to learn, read, and count. Plus, the essential thing is for them to learn to write letters and numbers. At the beginning of this workbook, parents need to read the general instructions. There are directions on every level, as well. After this, kids can go about on their own. Unless they bug you with more questions, which is highly possible, they’re quite capable of working independently on the following tasks.

Every level opens for new opportunities for challenging activities and more learning curves for your growing kiddos. Let them have fun while it lasts!

👍 180 daily activity worksheets
👍 Daily progress chart to track accomplishments
👍 Directions for each lesson included
👍 Excellent printing quality for everyday learning
👍 Available links on games and videos related to the activities
👍 For kids at the kindergarten level

👎 For preparatory levels only

3. Learn to Read with EP

You can teach your kids to learn sight reading skills with Easy Peasy’s Learn to Read homeschooling book. It has an updated course outline on English names and languages. This book is a part of a learning series with an online version that can be distributed all around the world.

The lessons start with the English alphabet, phonetics, which then gradually advances to word identification. You can plan daily lessons with your kids and fill it with fun and exciting activities. Eventually, kids will learn how to read full sentences with proper sound and pronunciations. 

If your kids are finding a little struggle with reading, this course can help in introducing a step-by-step pattern for an easier learning process.

👍 230 day-to-day reading lessons
👍 Over a hundred phonetic lessons
👍 Gradual advancement of topics
👍 Targets basic sight-reading skills
👍 For kids in the first-grade level

👎 Only a few picture references

4. EP Language Arts 1 Workbook

Kids can learn the art of language by studying and accomplishing activities in the EP Language Arts 1 Workbook. This workbook encourages kids in learning by copying literature and creating their characters by telling their version of anecdotal stories.

More specific lessons help young ones gain knowledge in nouns, pronouns, plurals, capitalization, spelling, and more! They will have 180 days of targeting their chart completion with different exercises on every item on the checklist. The instructions are direct and straightforward. The fonts are clear, and there are pictures in some activities as needed. The level of difficulty starts from the simplest tasks to intermediate language assignments. It is meant to be interactive for kids who are eager to learn language arts from basic writing to full sentence completion.

👍 180+ pages of language arts activities
👍 Daily progress chart to track accomplishments
👍 Art patterns to complete on each session
👍 Spelling and grammar practice
👍 Identifying common and proper, and pronouns
👍 For kids moving to the first-grade level

👎 Advanced levels require assistance for kids

5. EP Math 1 Workbook

Modified and expanded math courses are what consist of the EP Math 1 Workbook. The activities involve counting, patterns, addition, subtraction, measurement, geometry, fractions, money, graphs, and time. The full math course is in a sequential order to moderate difficulty levels on each worksheet. Kids can autonomously work at their own pace.

Aside from math-based activities, pictures of shapes and objects can serve as a medium for coloring activities later on. It can be used during free time so that kids can take a break from the usual math problems. It could be a creative strategy to review previous tracks, as well!

👍 180 daily activity worksheets
👍 Daily progress chart to track accomplishments
👍 Focuses on basic number concepts
👍 With coloring activities
👍 For kids in the 2nd or 3rd-grade level

👎 Solutions and Parent’s Guide are non-inclusive in the workbook

Summary on Easy Peasy Homeschool

Every kid has a unique pattern of learning. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to learning and education. That’s right. Even the education approach needs consideration when we’re trying to assess our kids’ way of understanding the world around them.

Homeschooling is a good option for parents and kids, regardless of whatever reasons or family circumstances they have. The key to successful homeschooling is finding the right resources. Lee Giles took advantage of the free resources she can provide online to reach out to countless families around the world that share the same views and intentions she has for her children.

Aside from the fact that it’s free, the Easy Peasy Homeschooling materials are informative and practical. You can ask all the parents who shared testimonies about their experience with Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool.

The program has worked well, and by far, the materials and resources are growing continually. The lessons are being updated to adhere to the latest standards of education. The author is making sure that her kids, and all the kids around the world, can learn everything they need to learn inside their homes. With the help she receives from other individuals, the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool will not cease to strive and impart knowledge for everyone.