Understanding Homeschool Laws in Louisiana: A Parent’s Guide

As a parent in Louisiana, understanding the homeschool laws can feel like a daunting task. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I want to break it down for you in a way that’s easy to understand and will give you the confidence to start your homeschooling journey on the right foot. Louisiana’s homeschool laws are actually pretty straightforward once you know what to look for. So, let’s cut through the legal jargon and get to the heart of what you need to know to homeschool your kids legally and effectively in the Pelican State.

Table of Contents:

Louisiana Homeschool Laws and Requirements

If you’re thinking about homeschooling in Louisiana, it’s important to know the state’s legal guidelines. As a homeschool parent myself, I’ve dealt with these rules firsthand. Although Louisiana provides some flexibility, you still need to follow specific regulations.

Compulsory School Age

In Louisiana, kids aged 7 to 18 must attend school or be homeschooled. This compulsory school age requirement is crucial as you map out your homeschool journey.

Withdrawing from Public School

Ready for homeschooling? First step is withdrawing your kid from public school. Just send a formal letter including their full name, birthday, and what grade they’re in right now over to the local school district.

Homeschool Application Process

In Louisiana, you can legally homeschool your kids in two ways. You can either register as a home-based private school or sign up with a state-approved private school that offers home study programs. I’ve tried both methods over the years, and while the application process varies between them, each option provides an enriching educational experience.

Renewal Requirements

Don’t forget, home-based private schools need to renew their registration every year by October 1st. Mark this date on your calendar and have all your updated homeschool information ready for a hassle-free renewal.

Attendance Requirements

In Louisiana, homeschoolers need to complete 180 days of instruction each year, with every day consisting of at least six hours. As a homeschooling parent, I’ve found that keeping detailed attendance records not only helps us stay organized but also provides important documentation for our homeschool journey.

Types of Homeschooling in Louisiana

Louisiana provides two main homeschooling choices: home-based private schools and registered nonpublic schools. Figuring out these options helps you pick what suits your family best.

Home-Based Private Schools

Many Louisiana homeschoolers, myself included, prefer setting up a home-based private school. This choice allows us to pick our own curriculum and teaching methods while still following state rules.

Registered Nonpublic Schools

A number of families choose to place their children in state-sanctioned nonpublic schools. These institutions run home study programs where they oversee curricula and maintain academic records while parents supervise learning activities at home.

Special Education Provisions

If you’re homeschooling in Louisiana and have a child with special needs, you might be able to get help like speech or occupational therapy from your local school district. As someone who’s been on this journey with my own kid, I’ve found these special education provisions really helpful.

Curriculum and Testing Requirements

One great thing about homeschooling is that you can customize your child’s learning experience. But remember, Louisiana has specific curriculum and testing rules you’ll need to follow.

Approved Curriculum Options

Louisiana doesn’t have strict rules about what curriculum you need to follow, but your chosen study program should cover the basics like reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. Many homeschooling families love the freedom to pick and choose different resources and online courses to make learning more personalized.

Annual Testing Requirements

If you homeschool in Louisiana, there’s no requirement for your children to participate in standardized testing or report their test scores. However, certain homeschool programs may ask for annual evaluations just to monitor progress and maintain standards. Personally, I find that frequent achievement tests give me a good sense of where my kids stand academically.

Reporting Test Scores

Although you don’t have to report test scores to the state, your homeschool program might ask for them as part of their evaluations. I find that keeping organized records of these assessments really helps show my children’s academic progress.

High School Graduation

In Louisiana, homeschooled students have a few ways to earn their high school diploma. They can complete their homeschool program, pass a state-approved equivalency exam, or enroll in an accredited online school. As the parent of teenagers, I appreciate these varied options for secondary education that cater to different needs and learning styles.

Homeschool Recordkeeping and Forms

Keeping your homeschool records in order is key to following Louisiana’s regulations. Here’s a rundown on the forms you need and how to stay organized.

Required Forms

To legally start homeschooling in Louisiana, you’ll have to inform your local school district by submitting a notice of intent along with copies of your child’s birth certificate and residency proof. If operating as a home-based private school, remember to register every year using the required state form.

Attendance Records

In Louisiana, homeschoolers need to keep daily attendance records that show dates and hours of instruction. These logs should be stored for at least two years to meet the state’s homeschool law compulsory school age rules. I find using a simple logbook really helps me stay organized and on top of things.

Progress Reports

In Louisiana, it’s not required by law, but several homeschool programs do expect routine progress updates on your child’s schoolwork. I’ve realized that having a ready-made template can simplify this task and maintain an organized account of our educational experiences at home.

Immunization Records

If you’re homeschooling in Louisiana, there’s no requirement to send immunization records to the state. Still, keeping them current is smart for personal use and future school admissions. From my experience as a healthcare provider, having up-to-date vaccination info on hand is essential for each of my kids.

Homeschoolers’ Rights and Privileges in Louisiana

If you’re homeschooling in Louisiana, it’s crucial to know your rights and opportunities. Whether you want to join public school activities or need information on work permits, here’s what you should be aware of.

Participation in Public School Activities

If you’re homeschooling in Louisiana, your kids might still join local public school activities like sports or music programs. Reach out to your school district for details on their policies regarding homeschool participation and gaining access to these opportunities.

Work Permit Regulations

In Louisiana, homeschooled teens aged 16 or older can snag a work permit from the Louisiana Workforce Commission. With this permit, they’re allowed to put in up to 40 working hours weekly as long as it doesn’t mess with their schooling schedule. It’s crucial for parents and students alike to be familiar with state child labor rules and other relevant laws regarding permits.

Jury Duty Exemptions

If you’re homeschooling in Louisiana and jury duty would disrupt your teaching schedule, you might qualify for an exemption. Check with your local court to learn how to apply under the state’s jury duty laws.

Resources for Louisiana Homeschool Families

If you want to enrich your homeschooling adventure, connecting with fellow homeschoolers and discovering valuable resources is key. Here’s a list of the best options available to Louisiana families who choose to educate at home.

Louisiana Department of Education

If you’re homeschooling in Louisiana, the Louisiana Department of Education provides helpful guidelines and resources. You can find everything you need to register your home-based private school and follow state rules.

Homeschool Support Groups

Louisiana has a ton of homeschool support groups and co-ops that provide resources, activities, and community. Meeting other homeschooling families through these local groups has made a huge difference for my family.

Online Resources

Louisiana homeschoolers have a treasure trove of online resources at their fingertips, from curriculum providers to educational websites and virtual learning platforms. Using digital tools in our homeschooling keeps things lively and interesting.

HSLDA Membership Benefits

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) offers some fantastic perks to us Louisiana homeschoolers. As an HSLDA member, I can tap into their legal support, helpful educational tools, and special discounts. It’s reassuring to know there’s expert guidance available as we navigate our homeschooling adventure.

Key Takeaway:

To homeschool in Louisiana, formally withdraw your child from public school and submit a notice of intent. Choose between registering as a home-based private school or enrolling in a state-approved program. Maintain 180 days of instruction per year and keep detailed records to stay compliant with the law.


Homeschooling in Louisiana is a fantastic option for families who want more control over their children’s education. By understanding the homeschool laws in Louisiana, you can confidently navigate the legal requirements and focus on providing your kids with a top-notch learning experience. Remember, you’ve got the power to tailor your homeschool to your family’s unique needs and goals.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned homeschooler, keep these legal essentials in mind as you create an educational journey that works for you and your children. You’ve got this, and the rewards of watching your kids thrive through homeschooling will be well worth the effort!