Bob Jones Homeschool: A Comprehensive Curriculum Review 

If you’re thinking about homeschooling, you have made the right decision by searching and comparing different curriculums that you can find online.

You probably didn’t just run into Bob Jones’ homeschool. Of all the reviews you’ve heard and read, you’re up for more information on this article. You must be aware of the stakes if and when you choose this program.

Our objective is to help you eliminate your doubts and get straight right answers. As you evaluate your options, we hope that you can figure out the most fitting choice for you, your kids, and your whole family.

An Overview:

  • We will briefly discuss what the nature of the BJU Homeschool Curriculum is.
  • You will find out your different learning options in BJU.
  • We will go through a specific list of the advantages and disadvantages of this homeschool curriculum.
  • We are going to share several important details on the FAQ section.

What Is BJU Homeschool Curriculum?

BJU homeschool curriculum consists of quality educational materials developed to support the needs of homeschooling families. The core values of this program are bible-enriched in a Christian worldview that is empowered by Christian educators.

The approach of BJU homeschool aims to help you deliver a standard education for your kids based on sound principles. It isn’t about making your kids feel as if they’re in a school classroom, but instead, the program lets the kids embrace the natural homeschooling experience.

The BJU Press is the official publisher of textbooks and video courses for the homeschooling curriculum. They have served thousands of homeschoolers for over two decades now.

Learning Options With BJU Homeschool

BJU Press covers full-year homeschooling courses for kids in K3 through Grade 12. They offer a couple of teaching methods: either they teach, or you (parents) teach your kids using the course materials.

The Distance Learning Program

This learning program involves the expertise of BJU teachers in guiding your kids through their video lessons. There are two different approaches from which you can freely decide on the type of teaching material you’d like to use for your kids.

Subjects available:

  • Bible
  • English-Writing, Grammar
  • Foreign Language
  • Handwriting
  • Heritage Studies
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Spelling

BJU Distance-Learning Online

The most notable features in the online distance-learning program are the following:

  • The program is accessed online and valid within July 1st of the current year to December 31st of next year.
  • Tests and quizzes are taken online from Fourth grade and older. Students in Third grade and younger can take the test with paper and pencil.
  • Parents are allowed to check things off on each student’s course outlines, and you can decide which assignments or videos they will or will not go through.
  • The system grades their tests and quizzes automatically. This feature saves a big step for busy parents like you.
  • You can customize the grading scale according to your preferred rating standards.
  • There is an online calendar that you can fill in for you and your kids’ portals.
  • You can set the grading period and how many months per semester; there should be in one whole school year.
  • An online community for homeschooling families is open for everyone where you can ask questions to other parents or BJU Press staff, and get quick answers.
  • The online access comes with a lot of extra features that you can take advantage of and explore.

BJU Distance-Learning DVD

The DVD distance-learning is an offline-based teaching material prepared by BJU with a different approach to the program.

  • The set comes with DVDs that contain the video lessons of the chosen subjects for the year.
  • The DVDs will arrive in a separate box, including the printed tests and quizzes, a lesson outline you can follow, and the return packing slip sticker (already filled-out with the sender and receiver details).
  • BJU Press will lease it to you for 13 months. Time starts ticking the moment you make the purchase.
  • Return to BJU press before the end of the 13th month of the lease. Simply put the set of DVDs back in the box, stick the packing slip on the item, and have it shipped.

Important Note: Be sure to check their website for changes in their terms and policies.

You can also check out this video review about the benefits of the BJU Distance Learning Program for students and parents:

The Textbook Learning Program

BJU Press has a library of textbook resources from Preschool through High School. 

They also include free homeschool teaching techniques and PDF guides on how to implement educational materials.

Subjects available:

  • Bible
  • English-Writing, Grammar
  • Foreign Language
  • Handwriting
  • Heritage Studies
  • Literature
  • Math
  • Science
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Electives (Art, Health, Family Life Skills)

Textbook+Video Lesson Vs. Textbook-Only Kits

If we take a closer look, the child-time in both learning options takes almost the same amount of hours. So, whichever they choose, they won’t be having a difficult decision when considering their schedule.

However, comparing the two learning options, the parent-time is the one that’s going to get affected. It seems that with the combination of videos, textbooks, plus the activity materials, you will only need to spend 30-45 minutes a day. While if you opt for the full-on text-based program, you will have to give 2-3 hours a day in guiding your kids through their lessons.

Why Should You Choose BJU Homeschool?

Let’s review all the positive qualities that BJU homeschool has to offer.

Bible-Based Teachings

If you’re mainly looking for a homeschool curriculum that includes teachings in the Christian worldview, you can count your family on for the ride with Bob Jones homeschool.

BJU homeschool curriculum focuses on the development of your kids with knowledge of the Bible and values incorporated together.

Traditional Integration of Subject Lessons

With the BJU homeschool materials, your kids will not feel out handed with the rich learning they can pick up from traditional education patterns.

You will notice the smart integration of traditional lesson constructions in the textbooks and the videos. But, rest assured that all the materials are originally published only by BJU Press.

Effective Video Lessons

BJU Press receives a lot of commendations on how the video lessons constructively deliver in such a way that students understand and comprehend the instructions given, whether online or offline.

The video lessons are arranged with all the info needed by the student during the specific lesson and with direct and straightforward facilitation methods. You will notice how Christian educators trained for efficient teaching.

See the sample video from the BJU Press channel below for a more concrete illustration:

Parent-Student Shared Screens

Your online account in the BJU Press allows you to access your kids’ dashboards in real-time. The system automatically updates so you can regularly monitor their accomplishments and progress.

This feature also enables you to direct your kids whenever they encounter any difficulty manually. It’s not unusual for them to commit a few mistakes along the way, and you can be there whenever they need guidance on how to improve their studies.

Several Drawbacks of BJU Homeschool

Like any homeschool curriculum, BJU has a few pain points that are apparent and need identification.

Expensive Materials

The quality education brought by BJU homeschool comes at a price.

Some parents of homeschoolers find the BJU curriculum materials expensive. While some say that it can be very affordable when they’re on sale or even at full price, they really do come with a cost.

Ultimately, it’s only fair with what you will receive along with the freedom of being able to give the education that your kids deserve. However, it can genuinely be relatively pricey.

Time-Consuming Lessons

Due to the abundance of enlightening lessons on each chapter of the curriculum, it can consume a lot of time not only from the students but the parents as well.

You may be overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to put in before your kids can move on from one topic to another. There’s no denying that because of the traditional pattern of Bob Jones’ homeschool curriculum, you are expected to be engaging as much as possible.

Yes, we have mentioned that the video lessons are only long enough to keep the students’ attention at hand, but there are assignments and other forms of input needed as well.

This scenario does not mean that you have to be there with your kids one hundred percent of the time but also depending on how motivated they are to learn the subject, and you may be required to spend extra hours to make sure they’re getting what you’re paying.

FAQs on Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum

Is Bob Jones Homeschool accredited?

Unfortunately, since Bob Jones Homeschool is not a registered school, it cannot receive an educational accreditation. However, there are accredited institutions that utilize the BJU Textbook and Distance-Learning materials in which you are welcome to join.

Where is BJU Press located?

BJU Press has an office in Greenville, South Carolina.

How do I order a free catalog?

Register a free account in the BJU Press store. You are required to log in to your account for you to order a catalog online. When you get to your page, you will see the lists and order forms.

Can I see a sample of a course?

You will find product pages for teacher and student editions in the BJU Press store website. A short excerpt of the learning materials is readable along with the cover images.

How do I know what my students should be learning for each subject or grade?

BJU Press provides a Scope & Sequence section in the curriculum wherein you can see an overview of the materials or textbooks, including the skills that your kids should learn for each grade and subject.

To Sum It Up: Is This The Best Homeschool Curriculum For You?

With this comprehensive review on the Bob Jones homeschool curriculum, the final say remains up to you. We are only here to help you decide by laying down the facts and the pros and cons of the program.

The learning options give you room to weigh the more practical methods for your kids’ proper education. Also, you can opt to either teach your kids full-time or stay on the sidelines as you guide them through every grade level.

Nonetheless, the video lessons and textbooks overflow with foundational and supplemental information that will make your kids stand out with knowledge.

So, what do you think?

Are you in for the traditional homeschooling lessons?

Well, if you find this a good investment, you can start looking at the catalogs to get to know more of what’s in store at BJU for you.