A Review on Acellus Academy Curriculum and Power Homeschool 

Out of the commitment of improving student enhancement in important areas of education, a non-profit organization established the Acellus Academy Curriculum. The learning system was launched in 2001 to open the services and learning materials to homeschooling families who have access to the internet. The modern-day technology became an opportunity for master educators to launch the system and share it with the world.

Acellus also created a homeschool curriculum to lend a helping hand to parents who want to give their kids hands-on knowledge development based on standardized learning systems. The Power Homeschool is a separate program built by Acellus that is also rich with online course materials.

Let’s find out more about the Acellus Academy Curriculum and Power Homeschool to see which can work out for your home and your family.

Part I: Acellus Academy Curriculum

What Is The Acellus Academy Curriculum?

Acellus Academy Curriculum is a program of the International Academy of Science. It is a private online school that your kids can attend from your home. It is not a homeschooling curriculum. Learners enrolled in this program can benefit from the lessons even outside school grounds. They cover a complete educational outline from Grades K to 12.

What makes Acellus Academy different from the idea of homeschooling is that they offer services to students using online video resources with remote teachers. You, the parents, can manage your time well with help from teaching professionals. This online learning system has produced thousands of successful graduates whose future are honed by their enriching experience with the Academy.

Academic Approach of Acellus Academy

Online students will be able to encounter instructional learning from standardized courses through interactive materials from the Acellus Academy website. They organized the whole curriculum according to the core subjects and concepts that are essential for integrated education. Your kids will receive a specialized learning experience with mentors who will ensure the best treatment for all learners.

You can decide on a process with your family on how you want to proceed with the lessons. You have the freedom to work at your own pace, where kids can also learn how to handle responsibilities at a young age. To add to that, they can also practice self-motivation and autonomy when working with activities and exercises in a flexible schedule. This kind of academic approach is proven to be efficient after extensive research on a child’s educational needs and the long years of the actual application.

Student Experience in the Acellus Academy

Acellus encourages your kids to master a concept in every lesson. They will be engaging with video lectures filled with  information and instruction. The one-on-one learning experience is going to be a different setup from the regular classroom setting, but fruitful all the same.

Acellus Student Interface

The Academy designed an interface that is tailor-fitted to the needs of each student who would like to study under their curriculum. The following features can be navigated through their kids’ Acellus Academy online account.

  • Student Dashboard

Students have individual dashboards provided with unique usernames and passwords. They can select the lessons they want to take, and you can guide them in choosing classes that are appropriate for their level.

  • Video-based Lessons

The lessons come in video-based instruction facilitated by a field-expert teacher. The students can start working on their own. Your role will require you to answer their questions on areas where they find difficulty in handling themselves.

  • Practice Problems

Every video lesson is comprised of practice problems to apply the concepts that they have learned. Students need to pass this test to show that they have mastered the topic and move on to the next lesson.

  • Reviews & Exams

Several lessons form a unit. After covering a whole unit, students can go over their review materials to prepare for the upcoming exam based on the lessons taught to them.

  • Extra Help Videos

If ever the students will encounter challenges in their lessons, in-depth videos are available for a better understanding of the concepts.

  • Goals & Progress

For more parent-child interaction on their online schooling program, you are free to create your daily or weekly goals to track your kids’ progress in school.

Parent Experience in the Acellus Academy

You have an active role in your kids’ online schooling program with Acellus Academy. Parents are enticed to make sure that your kids are making the right progress in their studies. Here are a few of the responsibilities that you will cover along their journey with the Academy. You can accomplish these by accessing your kids’ dashboard.

  • Monitoring Goals

Check their goals and milestones as they move from one lesson to another.

  • Score Reports

Reports are available for you to revisit their completed lessons with time-stamps.

  • Live Monitor

You can observe your kids with real-time live monitoring. There are indications on which topics they’re having trouble with, for you to be aware of how to help them with their studies. 

FAQs on Acellus Academy Curriculum

Is there a trial period?

Acellus Academy offers a 30-day trial period. Parents will have to create an account for the kids to participate in the online school courses. You can also take this as your chance to explore the pros and cons of the curriculum. If you choose to continue, you can confirm your kids’ enrollment. However, if you wish to cancel, you can do this at any time before the trial period ends, to receive a full refund.

Is Acellus an accredited online program?

The Acellus Academy Curriculum has full regional accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) accepted in the US. Their core courses received approval from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and Acellus Academy Advanced Placement (AP) courses also have been reviewed and approved by the College Board.

How to request a transcript from Acellus Academy?

You can request your kids’ transcript through your parent account, which you will receive via email in pdf form.

Will students receive a high school diploma from Acellus Academy?

Acellus Academy offers two high school diploma paths— the Standard High School Diploma and High School Graduation with Honors. When they complete either of the pathways and fulfill their graduation requirements, they will receive their diploma from the Academy. 

Part II: Acellus Power Homeschool

What Is The Acellus Power Homeschool?

Power Homeschool is composed of professional online courses for Grade K-12 homeschool students. Each subject area provides standardized learning that parents and kids can freely choose and compile to design your own lesson plan for every school year. Kids can simultaneously take up to six courses at a given time. You can adjust your kids’ learning pace according to their progress. Power Homeschool is here to provide materials for your homeschooling. It’s as simple as that, but the program also comes with lots of features for students and parents.

Course Features:

  • Video-based lessons
  • Interactive practice problems
  • Help videos for difficult concepts
  • Reviews & exams
  • Memorization drills
  • Digital books
  • Onsite lesson plans

Academic Approach of Power Homeschool

The curriculum encompasses valuable core concepts and subject electives for comprehensive learning. The Power Homeschool program also uses the Intelligent Interaction that is present in the Academy. You can easily identify your kids’ strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll know which subjects and concepts to give more focus.

Student Experience in Power Homeschool

The Acellus Learning System supports the courses offered in Power Homeschool. Some of the most excellent teachers create the courses that the country has, whose concepts are wrapped up in interactive videos with detailed instructions. The homeschool curriculum is inclusive of real-world scenarios with a meaningful learning context while encouraging the kids to achieve content mastery.

Students have assigned individual Acellus IDs and passwords for their online homeschool accounts. The student interface in Power Homeschool is the same as the one they’re using in Acellus Academy. They can still monitor their progress in taking lessons and classes via the internet.

Parent Experience in Power Homeschool

You have instant access and detailed reports on your kids’ progress in their courses and lessons. A grading system is automatically enabled so that you can keep an eye on their achievements and struggles. Your parent account can also allow you to oversee weekly goals, score reports, and live monitoring tools.

The Acellus app has a connection to all your devices for non-stop monitoring of your kids’ work. You can easily adjust their courses depending on the students’ advancement.

FAQs on Acellus Power Homeschool

Is Power Homeschool accredited?

This parent-support program does not have accreditation, nor can it produce transcripts. The materials are meant to help out homeschooling families to have access to relevant and informational courses for the kids. 

Parents can create customized diplomas for their graduating kids once they finish the final level.  According to Acellus, “The U.S. military and many universities have adopted policies that recognize homeschool diplomas issued by parents.”

Is there a free-trial period?

There’s a 7-day risk-free trial period offered by Power Homeschool, which can be refunded before it ends. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your subscription within seven days. 

Part III: Acellus Academy Curriculum and Power Homeschool

Courses Offered

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Health
  • Fine Arts
  • Personal Finance
  • Foreign Languages
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


Acellus offers both versions of Common Core and Non-Common Core philosophies. You can choose between the aligned or non-aligned version, which suits your preference for your kids’ homeschool curriculum.

Religious Affiliation

You may have found the perfect curriculum for secular homeschooling families. Compared to other homeschool curriculums that seem to be gaining popularity, Acellus does not include bible-based teachings in their program.

Part IV: Conclusion

What Makes Acellus Effective?

The Acellus Learning System curriculum works for homeschooling because it incorporates highly effective core concepts and modern-day technologies that enhance teaching and learning experience:

  • Prism Diagnostics

This technology allows parents to identify and fill the gaps in your students’ way of processing learned knowledge. The result of this innovation gives students a customized version of learning procedures to achieve ultimate success.

  • Professionally Filmed, Highly Engaging Videos

The curriculum has an online coursework that is jam-packed in video lessons.

  • Over 250 Courses for Grades K-12

The courses include all core subjects and electives that are organized appropriately on each grade-level.

This self-paced online learning will give kids an abundant resource of educational materials that will prepare them to become life-ready while being equipped with skills in communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, technology, and personal values.