9 Inspirational Homeschool Room Ideas To Organize Your Kids’ Study 

Are you building up a few mixed emotions now that you’ve decided to organize your kids’ study?

Try to calm down for now because we’re here to help you get settled with a few homeschool room ideas. If you’re a hands-on parent, you’re probably going to work on this yourself, which is why you need a downpour of inspiration.

Your dedication has brought you to the right place because we will make it work no matter what type of living space you have.

So, let’s get it on!

5 Homeschool Room Ideas For Small Spaces

If you only have one homeschooler or if you’re planning to create separate study areas for each of your kids, these are the perfect classroom ideas for you.

Small spaces are suitable for kids who are in grade levels 3 to 12. They don’t require a big space for their fun learning activities, and they’re old enough to get in charge of their desk assignments on their own. With little supervision from you, they can use their mini classroom to get the job done during their allotted schedule.

  1. The Closet Type
    If you can find a spare closet around your house, you can transform that small corner into a study space. First, you have to measure if it’s sizeable enough to place a table and a chair, and then you can simply add shelves and dividers on top of the center and the sides. A lamp and a couple of pin lights will be sufficient for this little homeschool classroom.

    Walk-in closets work as well. There’s more room for you to install drawers and shelves where you can store books and other materials that your kids may need to complete their “homework.”

    In case you run out of extra closets, and yet you love the idea, it’s quite easy for you to copy the concept, right? You don’t even have to put a standard door for that. You can creatively fashion a modular or a curtain to your liking.


  2. From Cupboard To Classroom
    Yep, that space under your stairs is what’s at stake here. Or is it?

    Has your cupboard become an awfully crowded dump room for what we can consider as house clutter? Don’t go frowning now because its purpose is about to change. It has the potential for a homeschool classroom makeover.

    The idea is almost the same as the walk-in closet type of study. Only this one has an oddly unique architecture. If your kids don’t get bothered with the triangular roof shape on their head, it’s actually a brilliant classroom idea.

    Once you get their school supplies organized, they’ll wake up every day feeling excited with their non-typical homeschool environment.


  3. Classroom In The Hallway
    Do your kids fancy a more open study? The hallway classroom sounds like the type. They don’t necessarily need to cover a huge space in the hallway. At least for kids older than seven or eight years old, they’re already at the stage of having their playtime separated from their fun time.

    A work table, a chair, and bookshelves are all you need for their furniture. And of course, proper lighting, too.

    Instead of leaving small corners of your house unused or stored with stuff that is not even proving useful, transform it into a homeschool classroom space. If you have large cabinets that you can rebuild into a study, that sounds more convenient.

    You can slowly add up storage boxes or side drawers for their homeschool materials. It will officially become a smart move for you to utilize a nook from what seemed like a simple inspiration to an official study area.


  4. Bedside and Bedroom Corner
    Take advantage of your kids’ bedside or corner-room spaces inside their bedrooms. It’ll give them the motivation to keep their rooms tidy if they’re going to use it to study. That little nook might be a favorable setting for some individuals. Although others may find it too comfortable. Even so, there are several excellent points that we can grant for this homeschool classroom idea.

  5. Under The Bedspace 
    Modern bedrooms for kids have under-the-bed spaces that are convertible to workspaces, thus an effective classroom environment for homeschoolers.

    While others use their under-bed entirely as their open walk-in closets, you can set aside a corner where you can set-up a working table that’s conducive for kids’ learning. Side tables and drawers are excellent additions to their homeschooling furniture as well.


4 Homeschool Room Ideas For Large Spaces

Large classroom areas are ideal for homeschoolers from K-1 through Grade 12.

Little kids need wide spaces, mostly for their playtime. They have all sorts of educational toys that need proper storage areas. Older students, on the other hand, will only find them nonessential if they’re flying solo. But if you have more than one homeschooler, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy browsing through these four homeschool room ideas for homes with large unoccupied spaces.

  1. Landing Area
    When your kids are old enough to manage in doing their tasks in the landing area without falling down the stairs, turning it to a homeschool room is another genius idea.

    Instead of accentuating that wide space on top of the stairs with couches or cabinets, you can rip that whole place for homeschooling use. You can organize the area with desks and chairs to provide them with ergonomic work areas. It may not exactly look like a formal school classroom, but a decent study can surely carry out the part.


  2. Common Room
    Do your kids have a common room where they usually hang out together? Well, now that we’ve mentioned it, you must already be thinking of how to convert it to a homeschool classroom.

    You don’t need to remove couches, coffee tables, entertainment appliances, etc. You can directly add the toys, books, playmats/rugs, easels, writing desks, chairs, bean bags, drawers, storage boxes, and other schooling materials. If you have an extensively large area, you can set-up cubicles for individual areas your kids can call their own, which they can also decorate on their own.


  3. Co-Study Area With A Long Table
    You can use your old long dining table as a co-study hub where you can watch your homeschoolers work in the same space. In fact, if you’re able to fit that huge of furniture in a room, you might as well utilize the entire area for your kids’ official home classroom.

    You might have heard of other parents who remodeled their dining rooms into formal classrooms, and that’s something totally inventive as well. It’s definitely an idea that’s worth considering.


  4. Attic or Basement Type
    Is your attic, basement, or garage getting dusty? It must be time for a renovation. It’s not compulsory to go extra, and you won’t have to go beyond your spending capacity only to achieve an extravagant homeschool classroom. You only need a good eye for cleaning, a paint color of your choice, and the rest will follow.

    Just like in common rooms or landing spaces, these rooms are excellent choices for a practical study for homeschoolers. As per the arrangement, there are a number of room themes that come to mind. You can begin selecting from the most simple table & chair arrangement to an all-inclusive type of classroom.



Learning Materials For Little Kids 

To give you a headstart, here are a few materials that you can add to your list of ideas. Fill your homeschool room with preparatory learning essentials for the little ones.

Playschool Sets

Introduce your kids to a creative learning process with playschool sets. You and the kids will have everything that you need for a comprehensive preparatory school experience.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

Everything is on a tri-fold board, which is very easy to carry around. This set allows kids to choose their favorite place for fun learning and exploration.

  • 149-Piece Set Inclusions: 2 erasable crayons, 20 note sheets, 20 hall passes, 20 awards, 20 worksheets, 20 good-job stickers, 20 grade book sheets, 20 report cards, and 2 double-sided dry-erase sheets that include a U.S. map, world map, weather map and calendar

Melissa & Doug School Time! Classroom Play Set

The set comes with a storage box where you can keep the learning tools.

  • 150+ Set Inclusions: 150 reusable stickers, 12 colorful blocks, 9 reusable activity cards, 2 reusable double-sided boards, 2 dry-erase markers, bell, timer, lesson plan guide, teacher’s planner, and storybook

Educational Posters

Let your kids get engrossed with the mastery and memorization of words and counting numbers by placing educational posters around their homeschool classroom walls. 

Simply Magic 11 Educational Posters for Toddlers and Kids

  • Poster Kit Inclusions: Alphabet/ABC poster, Numbers 1-10, Numbers 1-100, Colors, Shapes, Weather Chart and Seasons, Months, Days of the Week, Feelings, Opposites, and Time

SpriteGru 15 Educational Posters

  • Poster Kit Inclusions: Alphabet, Shapes, Colors, Numbers 1-100, Numbers 1-10, Multiplication Table, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Money, Emotions, Human Body, Time, Opposites, Seasons and Weather, and Animals

Art Learning Materials

You can already start nurturing your kids’ skills and talents in music and drawing. 

TAIMASI Kids Musical Instruments

  • 33-Piece Musical Set Inclusions: 1 Tambourine, 1 Xylophone (with 2 sticks), 1 Rainbow Column, 1 Rainbow Bell Stick, 1 Trumpet, 1 Face Bell, 1 Rattle Drum, 1 Rabbit Bell, 1 Wood Sounder (with 1 stick), 1 Triangle with Striker, 1 Giraffe Toy, 1 Wooden Caterpillar, 2 Wrist Bells, 2 Finger Castanets, 2 Maracas, 2 Handle Sleigh Bells, 3 Whistles, 4 Shaker Eggs, and a Backpack Container

DasKid Tabletop Magnetic Easel & Whiteboard

  • Features: Double-sided Whiteboard and 4 Dry-erase Markers

Tool Organizers and Other Materials

Learning Resources Create-a-Space Storage Center

This product is an all-in-one, carousel-style storage center that comes with the following learning tools:

  • 8 removable containers, glue bottles, glue sticks, colored pencils, wooden popsicle sticks, scissors, and paintbrushes

Melissa & Doug Wooden Classroom Stamp Set

  • Set Inclusions: 10 wooden stamps, 5 colored pencils, a 2-color ink pad, and gold star stickers

Classroom Furniture Ideas For All Ages 

Well, of course! You mustn’t forget about the furniture. We’ll have to cover the basics for us to be sure that you will have everything you need to provide your kids with a comfortable and ergonomic study.

If you’re not into room-customized furniture, you can opt to buy finished products. Check out the following items that we have thoroughly chosen from across the market.

Desk and Chair Set

It’s not a study without a desk and a chair. And, there’s one for every child.

Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

This set is perfect for kids ages 3 to 7 years old

  • Comes with a New Traditions Chair
  • Molded-in under compartment
  • Built-in lower side storage 
  • Hinged dry-erase writing surface
  • Has a push-button desk light
  • Colorful red, blue, yellow, and cream color combination

VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Children’s Desk with LED Lamp

Kids will not outgrow this height-adjustable desk & chair set. It’s for kids ages 3 to 10 years old.

  • Solid steel frame material
  • Has a pull-out drawer for storage
  • The Plus model is inclusive of a desk lamp
  • Available in three colors: blue, grey, and pink

ApexDesk Study Desk w/ Chair, Shelf & Drawer

This one is for the young teenagers who seek for a spacious and relaxing study.

  • Height adjustable frames
  • With an integrated shelf and drawer
  • Split desk tilts up to 75 degrees for reading or drawing
  • Heavy and sturdy desk & chair material

Table Lamps

TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp with USB Port

  • 3-way touch switch
  • 3-watt energy-saving device
  • Adjustable neck angle
  • Modern and contemporary design
  • Great for kids of all ages
  • Available colors: black, blue, green, pink, purple, and white

ZHOPPY LED Desk Lamp for Kids

  • 3 preset brightness levels
  • Touch-enabled lamp
  • Flexible neck angle
  • Has a built-in pencil holder
  • Energy-efficient with eye care feature
  • Two power sources: Battery and USB charger
  • Two decorative designs: Blue Bird and Green Seedling

Reading Chairs & Bookcases

Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame

  • Weight Capacity: 225 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 29” H x 32” W x 22” D
  • Comes in 17 different colorful designs
  • Smart foldable feature for easy storage
  • 100% micro mink fabrication with durable metal frame

Sweet Seats 51741 Animal Adventure Character Chair

  • There are 14 animal characters to choose from
  • Removable and washable plush slipcover
  • With soft circular foams on both sides for comfort and safety
  • Colorful and decorative for little kids’ homeschool classroom

AmazonBasics Kids Bookcase with Reading Nook and Storage Shelves

  • Available colors: espresso, natural, and white
  • Multiple compartments for books, toys, etc.
  • Kids’ bookcase with smart built-in reading nook
  • Padded cushion seating for extra comfort
  • Space-saving and durable wood construction

SONGMICS 6-Cube Storage Rack

  • A combination of fabric and metal construction
  • Designed for storage areas under the staircase
  • Each layer can hold up to 105 pounds

South Shore Axess 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase

  • Coated with non-toxic lamination
  • Fits corners with tight spaces
  • Each shelf supports up to 25 pounds

The Excitement In Decorating Your Kids’ Homeschool Room

It may sound overwhelming at first, but you have to admit that it’s also exciting at the same time.

Decorating your kids’ homeschool room is a whole lot of process. But, the best part is that you can freely combine all the ideas that you have and then apply them with your own version of the design.

So, what type of home classroom are you planning to create for your kids?

You can drop an idea or two down here. We’d love to hear about it!