Welcome to Busy Homeschool Days!

Diana @ Busy Homeschool DaysI’m so glad you are here! I’m Diana. Child of God, wife of Nyal and mom of Sebastian (better known as Bug). We live in the amazing Willamette Valley in the state of Oregon. We love it here and never want to leave. {Well, Bug has talked about living everywhere BUT here, but that’s another story!}

I’ve been homeschooling Bug since the beginning of time (well, his time). He’s never gone to a brick & mortar school. The first few years I worked as a nanny and he tagged along. We did a lot of away-from-homeschooling at that time. Our days were packed with friends, school, work and life. Every day was different, but we loved it!

Since 2011, I’ve been able to not work outside the home. Our days calmed down a tad, but I found that having an extroverted only child required that we didn’t sit around the house all day! Now instead of work, our social calendar and extracurricular activities keep us hopping!

Bug is 12 and into Minecraft, LEGO, swimming, baseball and reading. This week he wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up, but in the recent past he’s also talked about being an architect, a nature videographer, an author & a restaurant owner. Bug has an amazing imagination! He’s not a fan of ‘school’ but does enjoy learning about history and science. Especially if we combine them with Minecraft!


We are pretty eclectic in our school methods. I pull from Charlotte Mason and The Well-Trained Mind, but really follow what ever we need at any given time. I truly believe that life is the best educator, so I have no issues dropping all formal lessons for life lessons (even when those life lessons look more like play).

Along with homeschooling, my days are filled with cooking, cleaning, gardening and all-around homemaking. We have a focus on eating real foods ~ including a mostly paleo diet for myself. We try to live as chemical free as possible, using homemade cleaners & homeopathic remedies. My dream is to one day have a small homestead!

I hope you’ll join us in this crazy thing we call life!

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