The Glass Castle {Book Review}

The Glass Castle {Book Review} | Busy Homeschool DaysAvery finds herself snatched away to The Glass Castle where she learns that the new queen is trying to rid the kingdom of all the 13-year olds. Why? Because the king’s first wife gave birth to a child 13 years ago and that child may still live! Avery and her new group of 13-year old friends find themselves in charge of saving the other children. But what happens when one of them might be the king’s heir? Find out in The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins from Shiloh Run Press.

Written for 10-14-year-olds, this book was an easy enough read for Bug without being too easy. It took him just about a week to read, spending an hour at night and random snippets of time during the day. If you aren’t sure whether the reading level is right, the first few chapter are available to read on the website.

He wasn’t sure about it to start, as he doesn’t like it when I pick out his books for him. But he ended up really enjoying it. At 256 pages, it’s a fairly average length book for this age category. It’s available in a lovely hardcover or in epub & Kindle formats.

The Glass Castle is just the first in a series and the second book – The Ruby Moon – is due to be released in October 2016.

Bug is a strong, avid reader and reads quite a bit. But we haven’t done a lot of book reports or reviews. Rather than push him to write, I simply asked him to write out two things he liked and two things he didn’t like about The Glass Castle. Here is his response.

The Glass Castle is a book about Avery, a girl take from her home to a mysterious castle. A book filled with questions and mystery. The Glass Castle is an amazing book. I like how it kept you reading by making more questions. I thought it was too girly in some parts. I didn’t like how it ended in a big cliff hanger.

Despite it being a ‘girly’ book (because the main character is a girl), Bug is looking forward to getting some questions answered in the second book. He would recommend this book to middle school girls who like mystery and adventure in their books. I would say that it’s not just for girls. An female¬†main character¬†doesn’t mean it’s only for girls to read! We already have plans to pass The Glass Castle off to a friend for some fun summer reading!

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The Glass Castle {Shiloh Run Press Review}
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