Kwik Stix {Product Review}

Arts and crafts. For some moms, this is what they live for. They plan a craft with every lesson. Their homes are full of every type of craft material known to man. For other moms, even the idea of bringing out the markers gives them anxiety. They are not ‘crafty’. And the mess! Glitter and paint everywhere! Can’t there be a no mess solution to art? Well, there is! Kwik Stix 12 pk from The Pencil Grip, Inc!

What Are Kwik Stix?

Kwik Stix are solid, tempera paint sticks. Simply take off the cap, twist and paint! The paint is dry in 90 seconds and there are no brushes and water to clean up!

We received the Kwik Stix 12 pack which contained 10 colors plus white and black. In our package from The Pencil Grip, Inc, we received a sample bag that included an additional Kwik Stix stick and one of their original pencil grips. Kwik Stix also comes in metallic and neon colors.

The sticks are chunky and easy enough for little ones to hold. The paint in the stick feels similar to a grease pen (at least to me) and when I run my finger over it, I get a very light amount coming off on my finger.

How Did We Use Kwik Stix?

Our first project was just to paint with them! Bug pulled out his pad of drawing paper and went to work. He enjoyed just having a moment to make some art work. It doesn’t happen nearly enough around here.

Kwik Stix Product Review | Busy Homeschool Days

A Moment of Peace

The second time we used Kwik Stix, we had a costume for church we were putting together. Bug played the part of Pharoah in a skit for a church social and he needed a chest piece to complete his outfit. He cut out the shape he wanted from a cereal box and then used Kwik Stix to add color. He used Sharpie markers for some of the detail work. The Sharpie went right over the top of the paint.

Kwik Stix Product Review | Busy Homeschool Days

We’ve also pulled out the Kwik Stix to keep younger family members busy. They enjoyed something unique to use and I enjoyed that there was NO MESS!

What Did We Think of Kwik Stix?

Kwik Stix are fun and easy to use! The paint easily goes onto the paper with no mess and no bleed through. We were able to keep our paper in its pad until we were done with the project, but it didn’t even soak through to the back let alone the next piece – even with newsprint!

The colors are bright and hold their color after drying. The paper doesn’t wrinkle upon drying and the paint doesn’t flake off. In fact, I can’t even feel the difference between the painted areas and the blank areas on the paper.

The sticks are wide, making it easy to cover a lot of paper in a short time. This takes away the ability to do detail work but since they are geared for younger kids that’s not a feature that is needed. Sharpie markers can write over the top of the paint (doesn’t show over some of the darker colors) and can be used for detail work (or for signing a painting).

The colors don’t mix together like traditional paint. This makes it easier to keep things the color you want, but isn’t as useful for color exploration. They do mix some, more like crayons mix together when you color one color over the top of the other.

Even though Kwik Stix are really designed for use by younger kids, they have been a fun addition to our school shelf. They’ve inspired us to get creative more often because the work of prep and clean-up has been removed. I will be keeping these on hand for a variety of projects in the years to come!

See how the rest of the Review Crew used their Kwik Stix {and see some glitter & neon in action}!

Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review
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