Faith Builders Bible {Review}

We are a LEGO family and we read the Bible on a daily basis – so I jumped at the opportunity to review the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz.

Faith Builders Bible NIrV LEGOThe Faith Builders Bible is an NIrV (New International Reader’s Version) Bible that includes 24 full-color photographs of Bible stories or lessons built using LEGO building blocks. It has a hard cover and an easy-to-read font designed for young readers. It includes a small dictionary and an index of ‘Great Bible Stories’.

In our family, we prefer a word-for-word (or literal) translation, such as the NKJV or ESV, whereas the NIV and NIrV are a thought-for-thought translation. I was unfamiliar with the NIrV prior to receiving the Faith Builders Bible for review. It is a complete version of the Bible, but with simplified vocabulary and sentence structure to support a young reader. It would work well for new readers to practice reading from the Bible without the struggle and frustration of a word-for-word translation. I believe it is still important to teach your child Bible Study and that the details in this version may be different from other translations.

The photographs of the Bible Stories built with LEGO bricks was the highlight of this Bible. These illustrations are a fun and unique way of seeing events of the Bible. Four of the illustrations represent lessons taught in the Bible rather than an event. Included with each illustration are a description and a verse where you can find the story as well as a ‘Building Block Verse’.

How Did We Use the Faith Builders Bible?

We use the Bible every day for personal studies and Bible lessons. We decided to use the Faith Builders Bible in our Bible lessons, specifically using it to read about the birth of John and Jesus. We also took some time to explore the illustrations, checking out the different LEGO builds – discussing the stories and commenting on how we could or would change the LEGO build.

After spending some time exploring it, I asked Bug to build me something from the Bible. I let him choose the story or verse he wanted to represent with LEGO.

First he put together the Armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-17 is his favorite scripture, so I was not surprised.

Faith Builders Bible LEGO NIrV

Then he decided to put together a build for when Saul was pursuing David and David hid in the cave. Saul went into the cave and David cut off a piece of his robe.


{Did you know that there is a story from the Jews that Saul went into the cave because there was a spider web across the cave entrance, making Saul believe David wasn’t in the cave.}

What Did We Think of the Faith Builders Bible?

I did not realize that the NIrV would be such a simplified version. Bug does not need an easier to read version of the Bible anymore, but I could definitely see the benefit of having an easier version on hand when he was younger.

The illustrations using LEGO were interesting, although I found myself wishing there were more of them or some instructions and challenges mixed into make it a little interactive. The builds did offer inspiration for future builds of our own.


I would recommend the Faith Builders Bible for younger readers {early-mid elementary school level}, keeping in mind the version will not be as accurate as other versions of the Bible. If you’d like to inspire your children to build the lessons they are learning from the Bible, this would be a great addition to your home.

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Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}
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